When I was a puppy, I was a rebel. 
I thought I could pee when I wanted and where I wanted. When my people would chase me around with a newspaper, I thought it was a game. I laughed at danger! 
As I grew older, I 
started to realize the 
stress and problems 
I was causing in the
family. My mom and
dad people were 
arguing about me all 
the time. Well, I stopped 
my rebellious ways and thank goodness, Power Clean was able to completely remove all traces of the problems I had caused. Now the carpets look and smell fresh and clean, and my mom and dad people don't argue. We are a happy family.

Thank you, Power Clean!

Removing Urine odor

Love your pets, 
but not the mess?

Not to worry, ​​​​

Power Cleaning CarpetCleaning has cleaned up thousands of dog and cat urine stains, and we are very successful at getting rid of that unpleasant urine odor in your carpets.

After many years cleaning carpets in Anchorage, we have discovered what works best to remove urine stains and odors from carpet in each situation.

Our process is to flush out and  remove all traces of the urine  and then kill the bacteria that  cause the odors.

​When needed, we can use a blacklight to help find hidden

urine areas. We also use a moisture probe to further identify
the blacklighted spot as urine.

There is an additional charge for urine stain and odor elimination

simply because of the extra time, materials and cleaning solution we need to use.

It may be as simple as flushing out a few visible small urine spots to having more difficult jobs such as treating the subflooring and replacing the carpet padding.

A telephone call and a discussion about your situation will give you a better 
idea of what it might take to remediate the urine problem.

If it seems like a serious issue, we will come out and blacklight your carpets to determine the extent of the problem.

If you have cat urine in your carpets we can remove that cat urine smell. If you have dog urine on your carpet we can get rid of the dog urine smell.

To find out the approximate price to get rid of urine stains and odors from your carpets,

please call us at 907-346-4000 and let’s talk.​​