Upholstery Cleaning

All upholstery is not created equal
Did you know that..

if you clean a couch with wool or cotton in it the same as you would one made from nylon or polyester that you would most likey cause serious "yellowing " problems?

if you have upholstery made with microfibers that there is an extra step you have to 
do in the cleaning process or you may leave permanent marks on your upholstery?

a certain type of cleaning solution recommended for one type of common fiber found in upholstery may damage other common fibers found in upholstery?

While we are not scientists, there 
is a certain science to upholstery cleaning. To have your upholstery cleaned effectively and safely, please let us, the upholstery cleaning experts in Anchorage clean your upholstery for you.

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For carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning together...
Power Clean Carpet Cleaning has cleaned literally over 1700 pieces of upholstery in the past 41 years in Anchorage. For upholstery cleaning in Anchorage, Power Clean is your clear choice.
Removing urine from upholstery

Removing urine from the fabric of upholstery is not a problem. We use the same basic techniques for when we clean urine from carpet fibers. However if a urine stain goes deep into a piece of upholstery the challenge begins. It is difficult to get the bacteria killing solution all the way in to where the urine may be. There is a tool we use sometimes to get deep into the upholstery. It is a large oversized needle.. Most of the time we can eliminate the urine odor but in some cases we just can't reach it.

This is one of those situations where we cannot guarantee the odor will be gone.