Residential Carpet Cleaning

Since 1978 we have been cleaning residential carpets in Anchorage, Fort Richardson and Elmendorf Airforce base. In fact we have cleaned over 80,000 homes.

Whatever concerns you have about your carpets, we have successfully taken care of thousands of times.

Spots and stains- We have a wide variety of safe cleaning solutions to remove stains and the knowledge and experience to use them successfully.

Traffic patterns- Removing traffic patterns is a matter of using the proper equipment, cleaning techniques and cleaning solutions.

Pet stains and odors- This is one of our specialties. We understand the science of removing urine stains and odors from your carpets 
and we have the tools and the safe solutions to do it.

Water damage or mildew problems- We have successfully 
removed water stains and mildew problems hundreds of times.

Just plain old dirty carpets- With our powerful van mount steam cleaning systems just plain old dirt doesn't have a chance. 

$150 cleans the first three areas and $40 cleans each additional area.
Living rooms are considered one area unless they are over 400 SF. A living room, dining room combination is considered as two areas. Any bedroom, office or den is considered an area.

$150 first three areas
$190 first four areas
$230 first five areas
$270 first six areas
$310 first seven areas
$350 first eight areas
$390 first nine areas

Stairs are $3 each step and $8 per landing.
Hallways under eight feet are $20 and $40 for over eight feet.
There is an additional charge for urine problems and other extraorddinary
stains or problems.
​Call for more details. 346-4000
This the best price in town among the best carpet cleaning companies in Anchorage