How we clean

Before the cleaning
Much of our work towards getting your carpets clean is done before we arrive at your home. On our initial contact with you will will ask you several questions regarding any stains, problem areas or concerns that you might have. This helps us to schedule enough time to properly clean your carpets and upholstery and also insures that we have the proper cleaning solutions and equipment with us for your needs.

In your home
Once we are in your home, we ask to take a walk through of your home with you. We ask about areas of concern and we talk to you about our process. If we find areas that mnight be a problem we discuss this with you and give you options. For example: If we found a large dinner plate sized stain of what looked like coffee, we would ask you what it is and then educate you about the possibility of these kinds of stains wicking back to the surface after the carpets are cleaned. Any coffee in the pad under the carpet is not going to be cleaned in the regular cleaning process. But it may wick back up to the surface after the carpet cleaners have left. After many years of cleaning carpets we understand this and so we educate you and give you options. We do have a process that can flush that coffee stain from even in the pad. It requires extra cleaning solutions and time and so there is an extra charge for that.
We always want to discuss this with you before we start the cleaning process.

The cleaning process
The first thing we do is to treat all of the stains. We use only cleaning solutions made for carpet and upholstery cleaning and only stain removing solutions made specifically for that type of stain. We then use a pre-spray which is an emulsifier that breaks down any any oils in the carpets and makes the soil much easier to extract. 

We then use our hight tech powerful van mount steam cleaning unit along with the powerful and effective rotovac power wand.
With the Rotovac power wand we make two cleaning passes and make extra drying passes to ensure that your carpets are dry in a couple of hours.
The cleaning process
Power Clean uses, 
hands down, the 
most effective 
cleaning method 
available -- 
van mount steam 

These powerful units take the water from tanks in our vans 
and heat it up to 230 degrees, flush the soil from your carpets, 
and then the dirty water goes back to a waste tank in the van. 

Your carpets will be dry within 2 to 8 hours, depending on many factors, and there is absolutely no risk of mold or mildew from the cleaning process.

Unlike dry cleaning processes, the entire purpose of van mount steam cleaning is to flush soil and residue from carpets, leaving behind only clean carpet fibers.

If residue-free carpets are important to you, please call us for a free estimate. 

For 100% satisfaction for residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services, call Power Clean Carpet Cleaning.