Our Guarantee

                                  Let’s be real.

There are some carpet cleaners in the Anchorage area that guarantee “the best cleaning ever or it’s free.” I would sure insist on seeing the fine print on that guarantee.

Here are our zero hype guarantees.

1. At Power Clean, we absolutely guarantee the work we do. If you are not completely satisfied

that we have done everything we possibly could do to get your carpets clean, you do not pay us. 

2. If you have already paid us, we will come back and re-clean the areas of concern, and if you are still

not satisfied, we will return your money.

3. We will educate you about any difficult cleaning situations and give you options as to what we can do to remove them.

Here is how the guarantee works- 
When we come into your home we will if possible walk with you through your home looking for any situations that might be of concern. We will educate you about any such situations about what causes the problem and the process to remove it. We will give you options of what we could do.  There are situations where a stain simply cannot be removed. We will explain why this is. If we come upon additional problem areas during the cleaning process we will bring this to your attention again educating you and giving you options.
If we do not educate you or give you options and you are not satisfied with a stain or and area of the carpet we will clean it again this time using all process available to us without an additional charge to you.

If you feel even after we have educated you and that we have not given enough time or effort to a situation we will again clean the area without additions charge. If you continue to feel we have not made every effort to satisfy you we will not charge you for the areas where you are not satisfied.

This is a real guarantee, not “the best ever or it’s free”.
For guaranteed carpet cleaning in Anchorage and Eagle River call Power Clean.

Three part Guarantee
For your information here are a few situations where we may not be able to remove a stain.

Apparant soiling
There is a condition called, "apparant soiling". This is when the carpet fibers have been abraided (scratched or worn down) and even though the carpet fibers may be prefectly clean, the area looks darker than surrounding carpets.
Think of it this way, If you were to take a piece of steel wool and scratch up a window and then clean the window, the window would look dirty where it was abraided. This is because of the abrasion, the light reflects differently from the area of glass that was not scratched. This also happens with your carpets. Often times high traffic areas get worn quicker and though the fibers may be clean it will appear different.
Also carpets can fade over time. Areas exposed to a lot of sunlight could fade quicker causing this "apparant soiling".
In the case of bleach "stains" they are not stains at all but rather the loss of color in the fibers. The dye has been removed. cleaning won"t help. Sometimes, urine that has been left in the carpets for too long will cause some light bleaching. 

Another situation we often find is when a drink is spilled and the fluid goes through the carpet and ito the pad. After we succesfully clean the stain from the fibers, over time the spill that went into the pad may wick back up into the fibers.
Being expert carpet cleaners we know this might happen and we educate you about this if you are available.

The type of carpet you have has a great deal to do with how well stains come out.
The best thing you can do is to clean up a stain as soon as it happens.

We have created a do it your self page with tips on how to clean up all different types of stains before they cause a bigger problem.    DIYS tips for carpet stain removal