Flooding remediation

When there is flooding in your home you need to work fast to minimize the damage. If you can get the padding and carpets dry within 36 hours then you will not have mildew and mold problems in the carpets.

Water and flood extraction
With the use of our powerful van mount systems we can quickly extract the water from your carpets. 

There are three steps in restoring flooded carpets

1. Extract water from padding and carpet.
In cases where water is "dirty" water meaning it is coming in from the outside or is from a dirty water source such as the sewer lines, washing machine or in cases where the carpets have significant pet urine in them it is safer and often times less expensive to simply remove and discard the padding. This padding is basically a large sponge and is very difficult to disinfect and to dry.

2. Disinfect the carpet
Disinfecting the carpets is a health and safety action. The worse case scenario is if your carpets develop mold and mildew. A simple disinfecting helps to keep this from happening.

3. Drying the carpets
We employ the use of fans and if needed dehumidifiers to dry your carpets.In this process we almost always "float" the carpets which means that we have them up off of the floor with our fans underneath them. 

Costs starts at $250 extraction fee  
There is an additional charge for use of fans and dehumidifiers.

Call 346-4000 and we will have a technician come out and give you an estimate