Hi, I’m Michael Carlson, the owner of Power Clean Carpet Cleaning.
My grandpa helped to build the Alaska-Canada Highway during World War II and moved his young family to Anchorage in 1942. My mom told us kids stories of growing up in Anchorage when Northern Lights Blvd. was in the boonies. My dad was stationed in Anchorage in the army when my folks got married. I was born on a quonset hut on Fort Richardson in 1955.

I loved growing up in Alaska, especially our long summer days. I guess you could say I got a head start in the cleaning business in Alaska. My grand-mother owned a cleaning service, and I spent many hours cleaning several of the largest buildings in town.
In 1978, at the age of 23, I purchased my grand-mother’s business from her and changed the name to Great Alaska Cleaning Company/Power Clean Carpet Cleaning. Like everybody else, we flourished during the pipeline boom days and just survived during the recession that followed. And now, 41 years after starting our business we have had many thousands of happy customers

What we have learned in over 41 years of carpet cleaning in Alaska is to take care of our customers by doing the very best work we can do, every time. We know if we have good equipment, the right cleaning solutions and courteous carpet cleaning technicians that care about our customers, we will always have a successful business.

           If I could describe Power Clean in one sentence, I would say this:
      Our job is to get your carpets as clean as possible; we take our time and give each job our best effort.​​