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Call Power Clean to save money on carpet cleaning in Anchorage.
$149 cleans the first three areas and $39 cleans each additional area
Living rooms are considered one area unless they are over 400 SF.
A living room dining room combination is considered as two areas.
Any bedroom, office or den is considered an area.

$149 first three areas
$188 first four areas
$227 first five areas
$266 first six areas
$305 first seven areas
$344 first eight areas
$383 first nine areas

​Stairs are $3 each step and $8 per landing
Hallways under 8 feet are $20 and $39 for over 8 feet.
​There is an additional charge for urine problems and other extraordinary stains or problems.
Call for more details, call 346-4000

.15 to.25 per square foot depending on size and condition.
$95 for cleaning a couch, $75 for love seat and $55 for large chair or recliner. Add $15 per piece if the fabric is wool or cotton.
Carpets-$30 for large rooms, $15 for small rooms.
$16 for couch and $10 for chair
fabric protection

Our job is to get your carpets clean and to make a living for our families.

Your job is to find a good carpet cleaner for a reasonable price.

We are a perfect match.

If price is a consideration for you, call us.  
If clean carpets are a consideration for you, call us.

Residential Steam Carpet Cleaning ~
State-of-the-art, van-mounted steam cleaning units with the revolutionary Rotovac power wand system.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning ~
We employ the RX-20 rotary extractor, the ultimate tool for cleaning commercial-grade carpets.

Upholstery Cleaning ~

Rug cleaning ~ 
Yes, we can clean your area rugs. Most nylon, polyester, and olefin area or entry rugs right at your home or business. Wool, cotton, or rugs with serious soil or urine problems need to be cleaned at our shop.
Prices for area rugs are-
Natural fiber rugs price range from $1 psf. to $2.50 psf. plus extra cleaning solutions depending on the condition of the rugs.
Synthetic rugs price range from $.80 psf. to $2.00 psf. plus extra cleaning solutions depending on the condition of the rugs. Extra serious urine problems could cause prices to be higher.

Stain Guard Fiber Protection ~
The newest technology in fiber protection is fluorochemical fiber protection. It repels liquids and is extremely effective in protecting your traffic areas from soiling.

Odor elimination ~
With the new technology in improved chemicals and equipment, odor elimination has become much more effective and less expensive.
Cost depends on type and severity of odor problems. Free estimates are available.

Emergency flood service ~
Time is of the essence in emergency flood service. The carpets need to be dried before bacteria starts to grow and compounds your problems. Our powerful and high-tech equipment can dry your carpets quickly and prevent further damage.
$85 per hour for labor and there is a cost for overnight use of machines such as dehumidifiers and floor fans. Our price is much less than most companies. We refuse to price gouge just because you have an emergency!

Our online estimate form is very easy to use, take a few seconds to give us your contact information or take a minute and give us more details. Either way we will contact you very soon.
We serve Anchorage, Eagle River, Muldoon, Mountain View, Fairview, East Anchorage, Fort Richardson, Elmendorf Air force Base, Turnagain area, Spenard, West Anchorage, Downtown Anchorage, Midtown Anchorage, Dimond Area, Sand lake, Hillside, South Anchorage, Rabbit Creek area and more. Zip codes include 99501, 99502, 99503, 99504, 99505, 99506. 99507, 99508, 99509, 99510, 99511, 99512, 99513, 99514, 99515, 99516, 99517, 99518, 99577  
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Great Alaska Cleaning Company-Power Clean, Carpet & Rug Cleaners, Anchorage, AK
Prices are .15 to .20 psf. depending on size and condition.