There are two rental property situations-
The property manager/owner & the renter
Rental properties
The property owner/manager

We have been working with property owners and property managers in Anchorage for over 37 years. In that time we have learned what you care about in cleaning rental property.

~Professionalism. Just do our job competently, no drama no fuss
~Accurate and timely invoicing
~Show up for the job on time
~Spots, stains and odor removal
~Be flexible with scheduling
~Good communications
~Good price

The renter

What you want is to get your deposit back.

98% of the time renters get their deposit back when we clean their carpets. The two times out of one hundred is in cases where the carpets were uncleanable due to damage, extreme dirt saturation, unremovable stains and severe odor problems where the renters insisted that we try to clean.
Our policy is that when we come to your rental home or apartment and we find difficult cleaning situations we give you an assessment of how clean we can get your carpets. 

We are excellent at cleaning dirty carpets and removing stains with our powerful van mount steam cleaning system.

This is what we give you
Get your deposit back
Ask for a $25 discount for all carpets cleaned in vacant units 
carpet cleaning estimate
 Call  907-346-4000
Satisfied customer
We serve Anchorage, Eagle River, Muldoon, Mountain View, Fairview, East Anchorage, Fort Richardson, Elmendorf Air force Base, Turnagain area, Spenard, West Anchorage, Downtown Anchorage, Midtown Anchorage, Dimond Area, Sand lake, Hillside, South Anchorage, Rabbit Creek area and more. Zip codes include 99501, 99502, 99503, 99504, 99505, 99506. 99507, 99508, 99509, 99510, 99511, 99512, 99513, 99514, 99515, 99516, 99517, 99518, 99577  
If you represent a property management company and would like to try us out, we will be happy to give you a 25% discount for the first job we do for you.
If you are happy with our work then lets sit down an negotiate a contract price that we can both be happy with.