How we clean your commercial carpets
First of all, there are a lot of different kinds of commercial carpet cleaning situations.

While cleaning carpets in Restaurants we typically find more oils and food and drink spills on the carpets. The areas coming from the kitchen may have a heavy oil traffic pattern. Some restaurants have olefin carpets and others have nylon carpets. We need to know the difference because they take different cleaning solutions to clean them well.
When we clean a restaurant in Anchorage we use an array of cleaning solutions made especially for restaurant carpet cleaning. These include, concentrated oil cleaners, protein stain removers, enzyme solutions, solvents for tar and gum and acidic rinses to help flush out the alkaline cleaning solutions.

Medical facilities carpets often have some traffic patterns near front entry and reception desk but what we do special for cleaning medical office carpets is we add a quaternary cleaner made for cleaning carpets into our water. 

With Hotel Carpet Cleaning there often are a lot of coffee spills up and down the hallways and sometimes odor concerns in the rooms. We have a great process for removing stubborn coffee stains from hotel carpets and we know how to remove odors from carpeting.
We have hoses that can reach sometimes as high as the fourth floor in hotels and other larger buildings. These floors we reach we clean with our powerful van mount steam cleaning system. On higher floors we can use either a portable steam cleaning machine or we can clean with the encapsulation process.

Child Care businesses can have both concerns about stains on carpets and the need for more healthy carpets. We are always prepared for the stains and like we do with medical offices we use a safe for children quaternary cleaning cleaner with our cleaning solutions. All of the solutions we use are safe for children.

Senior Care facilities may have concerns about health issues and from time to time a need for urine stain and odor removal
from carpets. All senior care facilities receive our 10% discount we offer to all seniors.

Retail stores will often have traffic pattern concerns. We always spend extra time on traffic areas. 

rx-20 for commercial carpet cleaning
We use the RX-20 rotary cleaner. The RX-20 attaches to our van mount steam cleaning system and does a much better job than  a regular wand. With five vacuum heads and spray-jets and rotating at 130 RPM this powerhouse does 650 complete cleaning passes per minute flushing the soils commercial carpets.
The portable steam cleaner method

In situation where we can't effectively reach with our hoses for van mount steam cleaning
we use portable steam cleaning units that heat the water up to at least 150 degrees and has enough vacuum to allow the carpets to dry quickly.
van mount carpet cleaning system
Power Clean uses the Hydra Master Boxxer steam cleaning machine. This powerful machine heats the water consistently to 240 degrees and has enough vacuum power to run about 300 feet of vacuum hoses.
ready to clean carpets in anchorage
portable carpet cleaner