All upholstery is not created equal
You know how when a lot of men do the laundry, they throw everything in together at one time.

Whites, colors, the jeans they changed the cars oil in, your dainty lacy underthings, that old towel that has mildew on it. They cram the washing machine all the way to the top (to be efficient) pour in a couple of glugs of detergent and wash in hot, hot water. Sometimes guys just don't get it.
Cleaning your upholstery
cleaning clothes
Just like you need to be careful with your laundry, 
you need to be careful with cleaning your upholstery.
Do you know that...
if you clean a couch with wool or cotton in it the same as you would one made from nylon or polyester that you would most likey cause serious "yellowing " problems?

if you have upholstery made with microfibers that there is an extra step you have to 
do in the cleaning process or you may leave permanent marks on your upholstery?

a certain type of cleaning solution recommended for one type of common fiber found in upholstery may damage other common fibers found in upholstery?
science of carpet cleaning
While we are not scientists, there 
is a certain science to upholstery cleaning. To have your upholstery cleaned effectively and safely, please let us, the upholstery cleaning experts in Anchorage clean your upholstery for you.
cleaning couch
cleaning loveseat
cleaning wing chair
cleaning small chair
cleaning dining  chair
cleaning sectional
cleaning armchair
cleaning office couch
cleaning chair in office
cleaning office chair
cleaning office chair
cleaning waiting room  chair

Love seat-$75
Sectionals- $35 per seat, for example a sectional piece that seats one would be $35 seats two would be $70, seats three would be $105 etc...
cleaning desk chair
Wing back- $45
Small chair with arms-$15
Small chair -$9
Small chair with seat only-$6
office couch-$85
Office chair-$15
Small chair with arms-$15
Waiting room chair-$9
cleaning mattress
We clean mattresses-
King-$45 Both sides-$60 With urine- Call us 
Queen-$35 Both sides-$50 With urine- Call us  
Others-$30 Both sides- $40 With urine- Call us
With urine, the price depends on how much urine there is.
Residential upholstery cleaning prices
Office upholstery cleaning prices
There is a minimum job fee of $95
With the cost of gas plus the drive and set up time, we simply can't come out for less than $95 
For natural fiber upholstery add 20%
Natural fibers take longer to clean because of some added steps in cleaning process. 
Power Clean Carpet Cleaning has cleaned literally over 1000 couches in the past 35 years in Anchorage. For upholstery cleaning in Anchorage, Power Clean is your clear choice.
For expert upholstery cleaning in Anchorage call
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Stain Guard
protects against 
fiber protection
$25-couch, $15 recliners, $5 -$10 for smaller chairs
Yes, most of the time we can remove urine from upholstery
urine in upholstery
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