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The number one rule of commercial carpet cleaning in Anchorage is…

Understand the challenges of each individual commercial carpet cleaning job.

What does this mean?

                  Would you expect to use the very 
                  same cleaning solutions and process
                  to clean a restaurant as you would 
                  an insurance office?

How about the difference between 
cleaning the carpets in a daycare 
facility and a manufacturing plant?

                             What different challenges
                             might we find in cleaning the
                             carpets in a movie theatre,
                             or what about a senior care

Every commercial carpet cleaning job has its own particular challenges. Knowing what they are, and having the proper cleaning solutions and equipment to do the job right, means the carpets get cleaner and stay cleaner longer.

What particular challenges are there in cleaning your carpets? Whatever they are, we will know how to handle them.

Power Clean has been cleaning commercial carpets for more than thirty four years here in Anchorage.

  • Thousands of offices
  • Hundreds of restaurants
  • Dozens of hotels
  • Churches
  • Day care
  • Senior care
  • Movie theatres
  • Retail stores of every kind

We have cleaned from top to bottom a 19 story building, and we have even traveled into the Bush to clean the carpets in a small airport.

When it comes to cleaning
commercial carpets in
Anchorage, you can trust 
Power Clean Carpet Cleaning 
to get it done right.

Call 907-346-4000 for a free walk through and estimate.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
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cleaning carpets in restaurant
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the power clean van
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cleaning carpets in retail store
Call 907-346-4000
Prices depend on certain criteria such as size of job. The more square footage the less we charge per foot. The condition of carpets is a factor. A carpet with a lot of oil and ground in dirt is going to take longer to clean and use much more cleaning solutions. If you sign a contract with us we will offer lower prices. 

For any commercial job we will be glad to come out and give you a free estimate.
The rate for most office and retail spaces is between .15 to .20 psf.

The rate for most restaurants and places with carpets that are more difficult to clean is between .18 and .25 psf.

Lower rates with contracts and with more sf.

Call 907-346-4000
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Day Cares
Senior Housing
Car Dealerships
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We clean upholstery
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